How to Future-Proof Your Bathroom...with Billie


Wondering what we mean by ‘future- proofing’? We are talking anything from tiled seating to stylish grab bars (yes, stylish) that will assist with any changes to you or your families’ current or future health or simply optimising the room so it’s compatible with the latest technology. Here’s what Ripples designer Billie had to say...

"When I think future -proofing I think, timeless products, a safe space and technology so these are my key considerations..." 


I would recommend a sophisticated and elegant finish rather than something ‘of the moment’. Remember, there’s absolutely nothing boring about this, we can create an exceptionally classy look for a contemporary, classic or boutique style bathroom.



I can’t stress it enough; always ask yourself, which items are going to stand the test of time? Even if this means investing more initially it’s worth it in the long run. A bathroom is not a small update in your home, it can be disruptive and you don’t want leaking, weak and tarnished brassware after a few years.

Brassware Ripples.jpg


Again, think how is my life going to change over the next 5, 10, 20 years? A non-slip floor doesn’t need to look really obviously anti- slip; we have lots of beautiful tiles that have a good grip and won’t draw attention.

Consider putting a bath in that has a lower edge so that children can get in and out easily and for yourself, if you suffer from any negative physical conditions then it will be easier for you to lift your legs over the bath.

Another safety feature to explore is our range of thermostatic shower controls, this way you don’t need to rely on remembering to check the temperature is too hot or cold, before getting in. You can set the maximum temperature when it’s installed to avoid the risk of scalding.

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You can be sure to avoid watermarks by getting an easy clean coating on top of your shower glass. It will be low maintenance and limescale resistant so you don’t need to spend countless hours scrubbing harsh dirt away. Another way you can keep the space clean, is to opt for underfloor and behind the wall electric heating as this will dry the space up, ensuring that mould doesn’t grow.

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