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At Ripples, we come across a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes so as you might expect we’ve become experts in our field. During our Summer Sale, we are taking a few examples from our recent projects to show you how you can create a bathroom that is just right for you.


First up, Emma Rose Style. We met Emma in our Ripples Reigate showroom. Buzzing with ideas and examples of what she wanted, Emma worked alongside one of our senior designers, Jo to bring her vision to life. 

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Update your tiles

Tiles are a fantastic way to brighten up a plain bathroom or tie-together an overall theme like a spa bathroom or colour palette. In this example, Emma fell in love with these penny tiles, which steal the show in our opinion. These were once popular tile of the Victorian era and now a stylish reinterpretation creating interest beneath the feet. They are playful and monochrome – so perfect for many looks as they wont clash with much!

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Embrace Your Space

Our designer at Ripples Reigate, utilised either end of the room to create two separate spaces. One functions as a relaxing area for the bath and the other for a re-energizing shower. Not got a huge amount of space? We can tailor the layout to you without compromising on look. For example, these Crittall style showers come in many layouts, from simple screens to multi-functional doors that pivot and enclosed doors.

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Furniture fit for purpose

We see many bathrooms that are lacking in furniture. With no where to put all those essentials bathrooms quickly become a messy dumping ground. What we like about Emma’s bathroom is the black furniture that's hand-painted, with deep drawers and is in keeping with the rest of the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than a traditional bathroom with a modern piece of furniture that was chosen just because it was the only practical option. Our expert designers are interior designers with a world of knowledge on how people use their bathrooms, so they always consider the look and the practical day-to-day use.

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