Refresh & Relax: How to Create a Spa Inspired Bathroom - Part 1


With constant news updates, Zoom quizzes and children clinging to your ankles a spa bathroom has never seemed so attractive. 

As we once may have considered visiting a spa for the day, the question now is why not create you very own spa-like space to recharge in your own home.  

'We would be all be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that bathrooms are our true hiding place,” says senior designer at Ripples, Jo Sangster. ‘And now, it’s absolutely true. You can spend a lot of time reflecting on your day, shutting out the noise and just taking a moment.’ 

At Ripples, we get it. With over 30 years experience designing bathrooms there has never been a better time to seek advice and find the best solution for your space. 

Whether you want to start from scratch or make some updates and additions? Our designer's top tips will help you get thinking...


Create space 

Some may have bags of space others may have a smaller area to work with, either way it won’t stop us from creating a tranquil environment. Designer at Ripples, Neil Curtis explained that ‘Sometimes people assume they can’t move things around. Ok, so you may have to keep a few things in place but generally we find that there can be a lot of rejigging in the layout that results in a much more effective use of the space.’  

For a more spa-like bathroom, opening the space up may be a simple case of choosing a frameless shower as opposed to a bulkier option. Another way to keep it feeling spacious is too use wall-hung furniture and storage so that the floor is free of any objects, giving a seamless effect. 

Coastal Bathroom3.jpg

Neutral hues 

Think Chewton Glen, The Ned and Soho House – all these spa hotels have one thing in common, neutrals. If you want to keep your bathroom as calm retreat then opting for neutrals is the key when it comes to colour.  

‘This doesn’t mean it has to be boring’ says designer at Wokingham, Laura Popek. ‘Neutrals can mean earthy, woody tones, raw concrete textures or warming whites. It doesn’t have to be one colour and texture, we can make it feel inviting and unique.’ Working around base tones such as beige, brown, white and light grey, our designers are equipped with a wide range of products that will help you achieve a stylish neutral bathroom. 

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