New Mirror and Lighting Collection at Ripples

You'll never have a gloomy wake up with our new collection featuring LED mirrors, mirror cabinets and pendant lighting.

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We love the fact that our mirrors have so many helpful features including:

  • Wave or touch switches
  • Colour temperature changing LED illumination
  • Heated pad to reduce steamed up mirrors
  • Digital display including temperature, time and date
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Integrated speakers
  • Charging sockets

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Find your perfect lighting with colour temperature changing illumination in built in each mirror with three settings...

Warm White 

For a soft, soothing glow, opt for warm white. The mellow tones of this setting create a sense of calm for gentle relaxation. Perfect for unwinding in the bath or for your pre-bed routine.

Natural White 

This setting is best representation of natural daylight, for a truer, more accurate reflection. This neutral shade is ideal for tasks where precision is required, such as shaving, shaping your eyebrows and applying make-up.

Cool White

The fresh, bright hue of cool white is designed to invigorate and energise you. It’s the perfect colour temperature for your morning routine, helping you wake up and prepare yourself for the day ahead.



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