Interview with Emma Thatcher

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Lifestyle blogger and stylist, Emma Thatcher, opened up her home to give us a whirl around the stunning transformation she's accomplished.

Stepping into Emma's home was a real treat, we were not only introduced to her friendly doggy but also (back on topic!) the interiors, which were a sublime mix of country home, embracing the properties original character, meets open-plan, clean aesthetics.

Emma came to Ripples to help capture this aesthetic in each of her bathrooms. From a personal, luxury en-suite to the children's bathrooms and a knock-out cloakroom, each space is note-worthy. We asked Emma a few questions to find out a little more about how she got on...


What's your favourite bathroom and why?

It has to be the main ensuite. It’s everything I imagined with a roll top bath, mosaic tiles and Crittall Style shower doors.

The shower head is huge which was a must, I wanted something that absolutely soaks you!

And, whether I'm having a quick shower in the morning to wake me up or a long bath at the end of the day to unwind, it’s a relaxing space. I love the combination of traditional and modern with a stylish, sleek design that will stand the test of time.

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What's the best thing about working with a Ripples designer?

We looked into doing it ourselves and were completely overwhelmed from the start; from the design and layout to choosing sanitary-ware! I thought we would make mistakes, whereas working with a designer they have been there and done it. Our designer, Jo, listened to what we wanted so carefully so the bathroom is very much our style and taste but she advised on the practical side and the best products for our budget. Jo was also really helpful in working alongside our site manager so everything went smoothly when it came to the install.


What was on your wish-list?

A massive shower head. We love Soho House's showers and wanted to replicate this at home.

I'd also decided I wanted floor tiles to cover the whole space instead of using a shower tray and recesses in the walls to keep toiletries, they are so useful!


What happened when you first came to Ripples? 

We had a strong idea of what we wanted and when we met Jo I think she really helped streamline our vision.

The initial meetings consisted of us looking over my bathroom Pinterest boards and talking about what I liked and why. With so much inspiration, it’s hard not to jump around when it comes to colours/styles but I know what I like and when given choices we were able to narrow it down very quickly.

Trying to keep each bathroom unique but true to our style took some time to get right and I don’t think we could’ve pulled that off without the help of a designer.

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