How Pantone’s Colour of the Year can Fight Blue Monday


Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year but at Ripples, we think blue is so much more! To us, blue is clear skies and calm seas. Blue challenges us to think deeply and beyond the obvious, so it’s no surprise that Pantone have chosen Classic Blue as Colour of the Year!

Here are some of our suggestions on how to fight the January blues and use the benefits of this beautiful colour to enter 2020 and begin the new decade with peace, tranquillity and confidence.

BAU015 Fordham Slipper.jpg

Take time to relax and unwind

2020 is the year for self-care. Relax and unwind with a warm bubbly bath, set the mood with ambient lighting and scented bath salts.

Did you know? Blue represents calm and serenity. Add to the relaxation and put your bubbles in one of our hand-painted baths available in an infinite variety of blue hues.

Finwood La Cabine.jpg

Organise your space

Blue is the colour of dependability and stability, the two traits we hope to enter the new era with! Get some peace of mind and begin with organising your space.

At Ripples, we offer a range of modern and functional storage spaces, from bespoke wash-stands to discreet shelving within mirrors so you can hide all your bits and bobs away. Remember a tidy space is a tidy mind!


Aquamarine_Blue _Ripples_Lily_Pad_Tiles_The_Frugality.jpg

Create a vibrant space

One of our Senior Designer's, Dena Kirby says ‘be courageous, express yourself with your bathroom and don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement’. Always be unapologetically yourself.

We have a range of dynamic tiles that are sure to lift any mood, our Lily-Pad encaustic tiles can be rotated to make up to three entirely different designs and come in Denim Grey and Marine Turquoise.

Ripples Divina O - From £907 - To £2872.jpg

Take care of your body and mind

Blue has been known to be beneficial to the mind and body. Begin new rituals this year which help to care for your body and mind. Sinking into one of our spa baths to soak will help you unwind, slowly dissolving the days’ stress and strife away. The gentle massage of water jets on your back will ease away any tension and alleviate stress levels for a relaxing evening, ready to start the day tomorrow.


Visit Ripples for a bathroom transformation

We combine the newest trends with our designer expertise to create a bathroom that's a bit more you. Creating your own personal haven is sure to lift your spirits on Blue Monday and set the tone for a great year ahead.

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