Bathroom Trends 2020

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Earthy neutrals

As our lives go back to nature so we go back to natural. With increasingly sustainable lifestyles, we are looking for a reflection of that in our homes and in the colours we use but don’t be fooled, it won’t be a boring mix of beige. Sandy shades, terracotta tones and dusky greens are on the list, all set to grace your bathroom palette this year. 

Did you know?

Many of our products can be colour matched to a sample or colour code, which will help you tailor your home to these earthy hues. 

Jewelled tones

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Contrastingly, vibrant jeweled tones are making ground in the bathroom and particularly in small, compact spaces like cloakrooms and guest en-suites.

No holding back here, grab hold of those treasure-inspired tones with colours such as emerald green, sapphire blue and citrine yellow and channel this trend through towels, tiles or even a shower frame.

Maximalist mix


Tackle patterns with more patterns. This year it’s all out maximalism so choose one style of patterns, for example geometric shapes or decorative motifs and carry this throughout the room. Why not choose patterned wallpaper and carry the pattern throughout your tiles but in a complimenting colour. 

Luxe lighting


Creating the right mood with your lighting is so important in the bathroom and as we spend more time dwelling in these spaces, it’s crucial to nail the lighting with task and ambient options. This is easily achieved when you meet with a Ripples designer who can create a unique lighting plan for you. 

When choosing your lighting, remember those all-important buzzwords this season; special-finish and statement. Fluted, frosted, and olive bronze – all of these will make your bathroom look that bit more luxe – visit a Ripples showroom to take a look at some of our displays for inspiration.


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_7ba3.jpgIf you do anything this season be sure to introduce a curve or two to your bathroom décor. Mirrors and furniture are where it’s at, curved doors and oval mirrors are a great way to bring a small update on your bathroom as opposed to a complete makeover. Plus, you’ll love seeing a renewed look everyday with some added curvaceous character.

Fluted Glass


Step-aside Crittall craze, it’s fluted glass that’s taking centre stage right now. We’re particularly fond of this style as it enhances the shower space, with strong lines and texture. And, if you like a little added layer of modesty this the answer. However, this look isn’t limited to shower glass, take it to lights and cupboard doors too, it can add a beautiful soft impression to an otherwise hard space.

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