Meet a Designer

Ripples Bathroom Designer

Whether it’s the 6.00am power shower at the touch of a button, or the long soak in a candle-lit bath as the children finally settle down for sleep, we can design the bathroom that is right for you. How you use your bathroom, how it looks, how much you would like to spend are obviously all unique to every client. It’s our job as bathroom designers to get to know our customers well, and it’s the part of the job we love the most.

We start with a meeting in the showroom, always over a good cup of coffee, in order to find out the likes and dislikes, the preferred style, products, colour scheme and the many other details that matter to us all. We have literally thousands of products and we wouldn’t want our customers reading through hundreds of brochures; that’s our job.

Once we have obtained a detailed brief, we will then arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your home or site - to get some measurements and of course to get to know you and your home a lot better.



The majority of people do not comprehend the cost implications of a new bathroom – how could they when most of us do not buy a new bathroom every day? A budget is essential if we are to get it right – without an agreed budget it would be impossible to know where to start. A detailed discussion will enable us to advise you on cost, ensuring that it is always under your total control before we visit your home.


Investigating the ideal options and identifying the right solution from the many thousands of products that Ripples offer will enable us to meet once again in the showroom to present you with our proposed design solution. Our designs are always hand-drawn as we feel this provides us with the total freedom to express ourselves when designing.

For continuity and in the interest of adhering to the agreed timescale, it is preferable that all decision makers attend the presentation so that any changes can be discussed and agreed with the designer on the day. On placing your order you will be free to take home the final plans.